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25 first-rate UX sketch portfolios and your takeaways
A UX portfolio is your studio to have exciting in whilst following techniques that create an irresistible attraction to conceivable clients.

  1. Karolis Kosas
    Karolis is a product dressmaker at Stripe who presently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. We love his UX portfolio internet site due to the fact it’s:

Well-designed and remarkable to appear at
Offers task detail
Clean layout
Great UX lookup for every project
Smart+Slick = Successful‍

  1. Kurt Winter
    What stands out to us with Kurt Winter’s portfolio is that it doesn’t experience like a UX portfolio. Kurt’s portfolio is a winner due to the fact it focuses on:
    Digestible textual content that encourages the reader to continue
  2. Rahul Jain
    Rahul is a product fashion designer primarily based in Los Angles who designs software program at Google. His UX portfolio presentation is fantastic because:

It has detailed, easy-to-follow case studies
The format gives visuals such as charts and pix to get to the coronary heart of the message (some UX portfolio initiatives delve too deeply into text)

  1. Isa Pinheiro
    Isa is on our satisfactory UX portfolio internet site listing due to the fact she:

Offers explanations on how her work influences the user.
Embeds interactive prototypes to permit readers to ride the remaining product themselves.
Displays her completed polished merchandise beautifully.

  1. Johny Vino
    Johny Vino’s UX dressmaker portfolio brings usability and minimalism at the the front and center. We additionally admire how he:

Includes a couple of pictures each and every 12 months (constantly updated).
Includes shorts from unique exercise initiatives which all characteristic minimalist interfaces.

  1. Alex Lakas

Includes undertaking troubles and layout constraints
Offers tangible options for these issues
Describes the methods he used for the UX portfolio examples
This is really what helped Alex seal some distinctly interesting contracts. Once you get to this point, head to Bonsai’s contracts to get right of entry to expert freelance contracts yourself.

  1. Oykun Yilmaz
    Oykun’s UX portfolio presentation is a must-see as it:
    Provides brief and candy mission summaries (focusing on the coronary heart of the assignment instead)
    Introduces the patron in every undertaking description
    Includes consequences with challenging numbers – presenting concrete records on how the work made a actual impact.
  2. Jason Wu
    Jason continues matters easy whilst highlighting his vary of creative abilities. He does this by:

Offering photographs of initiatives that vary in texture, style, colour schemes, and interfaces.
Provides a realistic seem to be at his work, how it’s usable in real-world projects.
Offers actual excellent interface design, which is magnified via his use of simplistic design.

  1. Naim Sheriff
    What makes this UX dressmaker portfolio notable is how it makes doubtlessly intricate matters appear actual and convenient to recognize for readers. Naim does this by:
    Providing a tangible define of how he procedures every project.
    Posing questions he asks himself during the undertaking such as, “How does the patron be aware of how a good deal paint to purchase for their space?”
    Sharing options he arrived at following his process.
  2. Simon Pan
    Simon has one of the great UX portfolios as he brings site visitors thru his special format system in a considerate manner. He does this via outlining:
    Details about every case study
    Each step he took to get to the cease end result or to come to a solution

We assume Sebastián’s single-page portfolio stands out for a quantity of reasons:

It focuses on visuals to do the explaining (while man UX designers closely count on text-based descriptions, Sebastián strategies visuals professionally)
He shares how he feels about his ultimate merchandise in every case study

  1. Niya Watkins
    Niya, some other Washington-based UX designer, has a triumphing UX fashion designer portfolio for a few reasons:
    She offers the history of every assignment along with the lookup process
    The procedure for card sort, personas, records architecture, interplay design, sitemap, prototypes, and person trying out are shared
    She consists of an InVision prototype for readers to visit.
  2. Husam Elfaki’s
    Husam created his portfolio with the readers in mind. He did this by:
    Leading with full paragraphs as adverse to the use of the “photo dump” method assuming your reader will decipher what they mean
    Breaking down every piece
  3. Pendar Yousefi
    We love Pendar’s UX format portfolio due to the fact he provides:
    Great element about the UX layout system which include challenges and solutions
    Juicy case studies
    Easy to navigate diagram that makes for an fascinating and academic read
  4. Kali and Karina
    This duo offers a special method to UX portfolios:

They not often point out UX/UI, the center of attention is on the tasks themselves
The case research supply superbly designed person journeys
They share their tasks as a story
Becoming a UX diagram freelancer doesn’t have to be hard – in particular when you have the proper instructions and tools. Head over to Bonsai for the leg-up you need.

  1. Elliot Owen
    Elliot Owen’s portfolio notable plan as it captures the reader’s interest as uniquely as possible. He does this by:

Using massive kind font that calls-out the reader
Bringing interest to sure gestures, experiences, and interactions that led him to success.
Providing GIFS in the best locations that accompany his UX designs.

  1. Ales Nesetril
    Ales’ portfolio is simple, however does a couple of matters very well:

Is open about his day by day work-life
Shows how effective a portfolio can be when paired with social media
While many of these portfolios may additionally seem like they take a lot of time to complete, the high-quality way to preserve effectivity at its height is to song your self with a expert device like Bonsai’s time tracker.

  1. Veda Dsiljak’s
    Veda sells his work well. He does this by:
    Making his case research sense like product advertising pages
    Adding personalised headlines
    Creating intrigue with his language
  2. Susan Lin
    Susan is a lead product dressmaker who has a stand-out portfolio with one downfall:

It’s special – the video recreation diagram with a persona cursor is innovative and interactive
Using a single web page portfolio makes it effortless and enjoyable to navigate
Downfall: Difficult to discover case learn about examples

  1. Ed Chao
    Ed is a dressmaker at Dropbox who has a prevailing portfolio with one downfall:
    Shows his persona by means of linking to social media
    Provides clean, digestible case research that share the story
    Downfall: no about page
  2. Aleksi Tappura
    This UI/UX fashion designer specializes in prototyping. We assume his case research are:
    Easily readable (slick typography)
    Simple, handy to digest
    Good use of blended turns
  3. Ivo Mynttinen
    This UX fashion designer portfolio template focuses on:

Great use of large kind and display screen real-estate
Good use of storytelling imagery
Downfall: Less in-depth than others

  1. Jason Yuan
    We love Jason’s portfolio due to the fact of its potential to:

Allow readers to visualize the trip thru video
Guide customers thru his initiatives the way it’s supposed to be used in real-life

  1. Tom Parkes
    Tom’s portfolio masters simplicity. He does this by:

Choosing a smooth format that highlights his case studies
Keeping the character to the about web page – barring overdoing anything.

  1. Andrew Couldwell
    Andrew’s portfolio does a terrific job of:

Bringing out his persona thru the “California-feel”

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